Sunday, March 22, 2009

Welcome to the Blog

Hello Fellow Shopaholics!
Don't be fooled, the difficult economic times facing the world have affected everyone in some way. We also know that ever since this foreign thing called "recession" started to rear it's ugly head, our funds have been stretched to their absolute limits. So what is a shopaholic to do? Do we (gasp!) STOP SHOPPING???? Of course not. We just need to watch our spending. Example: You are in the shoe department at your favorite department store and you have two pairs of shoes in your hands. They both fit perfectly, and you have an outfit you can wear for each of them planned out in your mind. Wonderful situation, right? So here's the catch. You only have enough funds to purchase ONE pair of shoes. Not both, ONE. But don't even THINK of reaching for your trusty little Visa/AmEx/MasterCard/any other credit card you may have. That is the first lesson in Smart (Recession Friendly) Shopping: Do not use a credit card unless you ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO. (Definition of Absolutely Have To: You are at lunch with your friend and you are splitting the bill but don't have enough cash to cover your expenses, then you fall back on your credit card). The simple solution is to purchase the less expensive pair of shoes, or the pair that a coupon applies to. But fear not darlings, Miss Recession is not here to criticize (I'm in no position to criticize anyway), I'm here to help you. I'm on the hunt for the most Recession Friendly buys from investment pieces to fads and trends that you just need to make your wardrobe complete. I, your humble Recessionista, solemly swear that I will never post any item that exceeds the $200 limit on this blog. Don't think I can do it? Prepare yourself (and your wallet) for amazment! I'm on the hunt for fabulous items with prices that will make you want to do a happy dance. Feel free to leave comments for me describing your outfit ailments, and I will work day and night fixing them into the perfect little Recession Friendly situation.
-Miss Recession


  1. Good luck! Can't wait to read your future posts.

  2. Hi, I have invested quite a bit of $$$ in filing Trademark applications for a blog entitled The Recessionista. I have also filed and received a copyright certificate with The Library of Congress for a literary work (blog) entitled The Recessionista. Therefore, I would respectfully ask that you change your name to something other than my blog name. If you are going to focus on something finance related, perhaps a finance title would work for you? I am writing to you as I received your request to link to your blog this am. I can't link to something using the same name I am using and one I have invested considerable $$, time and energy to create. If you had left an email address on my blog, I would have mailed you privately.
    Thank you. Please contact me at: to discuss.