Sunday, March 22, 2009

Saving on iTunes

All of us who use iTunes as our personal music downloading service know that the 99 cent fee per song (and even more for other downloadable items) adds up. Fast. But what are we to do? There aren't any coupons for iTunes. But there are free (yes, absoloutely FREE) downloads every week. The iTunes Single of the Week (updated every Tuesday) is handpicked by iTunes employees and given free to the public. In addition to the free song of the week, there is a free music video, free TV show, free song in spanish, and a plether of free extras which are updated every Tuesday. Simply scroll down to the near bottom of the main iTunes page and there is a box labeled "Free on iTunes". This box lists all the content on iTunes that is free for that week. So yes, darlings there is a way to save on iTunes. Stay tuned for more Recession Friendly tips, fashion, and more.
-Miss Recession

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