Sunday, April 12, 2009

Matthew Williamson for H&M

First of all...
I hope all you lovely shopaholics out there have a fab holiday!
And now, on to the fashion report.
Many high fashion designers have produced absoloutely irresistable lines for the well-known bargain chic store, H&M. Among them are the likes of great designers such as Roberto Cavalli, Stella McCartney, and Commes des Garcons, just to name a few. But on May14th, luxury apparel designer Matthew Williamson will be releasing his very own line of clothing for H&M! Budget fashionistas rejoice! Here are a few of my favorite picks from the upcoming line:

Matthew Williamson for H&M dress

Matthew Williamson for H&M silk jumpsuit

Matthew Williamson for H&M dress and leather motorcycle jacket

Matthew Williamson for H&M dress and belt

Matthew Williamson for H&M blue silk suit and pink top

Matthew Williamson for H&M shirt dress and belt

Monday, April 6, 2009

Couture On Sale!

Many high end department stores are putting their merchandise on super-sale to draw in the recession-conscious buyer. Miss Recession will show you the most valuable finds for your sale hunt. From luxurious leather to designer duds that will make you salivate, here are the best sale finds from the likes of Neiman's, Bloomie's, Saks, Bergdorf's, and Nordstrom. Enjoy!

Juicy Couture Sprinkle-Print Terry Tube Dress~Purchase at: Neiman Marcus, WAS: $138.00, NEW PRICE: $97.00

Lauren Jeans Co. "Johnnie" Motorcycle Jacket~Purchase at: Bloomingdales, WAS: $179.00, NEW PRICE: $89.50

Frye Billie Western Boot~Purchase at: Bergdorf Goodman, WAS: $268.00, NEW PRICE: $180.00

BCBGMAXAZRIA Abigail Leather Clutch~Purchase at: Saks Fifth Avenue, WAS: $198.00, NEW PRICE: $137.90

Marc by Marc Jacobs "Fan Jewels" Necklace~Purchase at: Nordstrom, WAS: $168.00, NEW PRICE: $83.90

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Save on Haute Couture

Once in a while the respectable fashionista enjoys a little splurging... but that much needed splurge could completely sap out your budget until the next payday. So what are we to do? Everyone needs a little high end couture in their closets, some silk there, some cashmere here.... but these luxuries come at a price (a very high one might I add). But don't worry, Miss Recession has you covered. It's easy to save tons of money on your bits of couture by using coupons. Coupon: (k(y)u-pohn) a ticket or document that can be exchanged for a financial discount or rebate when purchasing a product. But how to get coupons to the store your buying from right when you want to buy? Well that part is easy. There are many coupon sites out there that give out free printable and online coupons for your personal use. Here are a few of my personal favorites:

Monday, March 30, 2009

Tidbits and Musings of Spring 2009 Fashion

Spring is one of the best times to go shopping. Everything is new and alive with vibrant colors and patterns, lighting up store windows and drawing buyers in. But because there are so many choices, it's hard to distinguish between trendy and ridiculous. In this post I will guide you along the winding road of spring fashion and smart spending.

Canvas Boardwalk City Tote~Purchase at: or J.Crew stores $48.00
The most essential piece to your 2009 spring wardrobe will undoubtedly be a practical wear-with-anything canvas tote bag. This gorgeous tote from J. Crew (one of my personal favorite stores) is big enough to hold all your everyday items and effortlessly chic with an air of haute couture from the leather accents. Plus: This bag comes in 4 different colors: black, natural (shown), weathered stone, and papaya!
MICHAEL Michael Kors Notched Collar Trench~Purchase at: or Nordstrom stores $128.00 (Left) Calvin Klein Faux Silk Trench~Purchase at: or Nordstrom stores $148.00 (Right)

An investment piece is an article of clothing that is relatively timeless and can be reworn through at least two seasons (in this case, spring and fall). A classic, polished trench coat is the perfect investment piece for your spring wardrobe this year. Wonderfully chic without being over the top. Plus: The Calvin Klein trench is water repellent, and both come in various different colors to choose from (i.e. lime green, aqua, black, red, and tans)
Chunky statement-making necklaces are the must-have accessory of the season. With so many color options and designs out there, how can you not snap up one or two? These fabulous little gems are the perfect trend to add to your wardrobe.
From Left: J.Crew jeweled palm-leaf necklace $175.00,; Banana Republic adjustable beaded necklace $59.00,; Kate Spade petits fours flower necklace $95.00,; Kate Spade color cafe stripe resin necklace $95.00,


Maxi dresses are the most wearable and all around beautiful trend of this season. You can wear them straight through the spring and summer months with cardigans or just by themselves. They also come in a wide variety of patterns and have cute detailing like crocheting.
From Left: C&C California Women's Crochet Tie Dye Maxi Dress $158.00,; Victorias's Secret Smocked Maxi Dress $68.00,; Rachel Pally Print Maxi Dress $87.90,

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring Fashion For Your Bedroom

Your room is generally where most people go to relax and kick back after a long day of working/learning/doing all the tedious stuff people do. But being in your room is no fun if it is completely and utterly DRAB. Here's how to give your bedroom a beautiful, organic (!!), spring facelift.
Woodland Organic Duvet Cover and Sham~Purchase at: or Pottery Barn stores $29.00-$129.00

This duvet cover is the perfect addition to your bedroom decor. It's whimsical pattern makes will make you smile, and an added bonus is that it's made out of organic 200-thread-count cotton percale! Plus: this beautiful bedding has one letter color words carefully hidden amongst the flowers and branches of the pattern... see if you can find them all!
Swirl UT Accent Lamp with Fruitwood Finish~Purchase at: $98.00

The abstract swirl on this beautiful table lamp is extremely trendy, is laquered with an organic wood finish, and has a spun-fiber shade to top it all off. Plus: this lamp is compatable with eco-friendly compact fluorescent lightbulbs!
Area Rug:
Hand-woven Chiatali Bordered Sisal Rug~Purchase at: $199.99

This area rug is beautiful and an awesome size! (8'x10') It was hand-woven entirely of natural organic sisal fibers in India and has a rubber felt backing for added durability. Plus: This rug comes in a variety of border colors!
Wall Decor:
Double Tree of Life Wall Sculpture~Purchase at: $99.00
This lovely piece of wall art is attractive and exclusive, all for a Recession Friendly price! It was handcrafted by skillfull Haitian artisans and is from a fair trade group. Plus: This wall art was made completely of flattened 55-gallon oil drums.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Paris Spring Fashion Week: Rock the Trends For Less

Paris Spring 2009 Fashion Week was chock full of fab designer duds and plenty of breakout trends to fuel your shopping desire for spring! Miss Recession is going to show you just how to make these genius new trends work for you... and your budget.

TREND #1: Geometric Print Dresses
Runway at Isabel Marant

Recession Way: Tbags citrus geometric print jersey batwing dress Purchase at: $84.15

TREND #2: Metallic Mini Skirts
Runway at Louis Vuitton

Recession Way: J. Crew Metallic-Silk Mini Purchase at: or J. Crew stores $58.00

TREND #3: Neon Jacket
Runway at Dries Van Noten

Recession Way: Silk Dupioni Jacket Purchase at: or Neiman Marcus department stores $120.00

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Discount Sites= Amazing Opporunities To Save!

We've all done it. Gone to department store websites and lusted after the amazing designer items that we would never normally be able to afford. For so long these luxury items have been a figment of our dreams. Until now. Online services such as Gilt Groupe and Hautelook provide legitimate designer lines for super-discount prices. It's like a clearance outlet on your computer! The only catch is that you have to become a member to these websites, which is a very easy process that requires hardly any effort at all. Be sure to check out these amazing websites, I promise you will find some of the best deals of your shopping life, from apparel to childrenswear to accessories.